Target Price and Recommendation
Company Analyst Recommendation Share Target Price Target Price Date Net Recurring Income
(R$ Million)
1Q17 2017
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mario Pierry Buy BBDC4 R$ 31.00 Target (12 months) 4,668 19,072
Brasil Plural Eduardo Nishio Overweight BBDC4 R$ 36.80 Target (12 months) 4,698 19,011
BTG Pactual Eduardo Rosman Buy BBDC4 R$ 32.00 Target (12 months)


Citigroup Jorg Friedman Neutral BBDC4 R$ 33.00 Target (12 months) 4,395 17,631
CSFB Marcelo Telles Outperform BBDC4 R$ 36.36 Target (12 months) 4,435 19,173
Deutsche Bank

Tito Labarta

Hold BBD $ 8.00 Target (12 months) 4,431 19,082
Goldman Sachs Carlos Macedo Neutral BBDC4 R$ 35.20 Target (12 months) 4,735 18,395
HSBC Carlos Gomez Lopez Hold BBDC4 R$ 29.00 Target (12 months) 4,555 18,218
Itaú Thiago B. Batista Outperform BBDC4 R$ 32.70 Target (12 months) 5,105 19,097
JP Morgan Domingos Falavina Neutral BBDC4 R$ 32.73 Target (12 months) 4,342 17,996
Morgan Stanley Jorge Kuri Underweight BBD $ 9.00 Target (12 months) N/A 15,490
Santander Henrique Navarro Hold BBDC4 R$ 34.00 Target (12 months) 4,411 18,554
UBS Philip Finch Neutral BBDC4 R$ 34.50 Target (12 months) 4,581


Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mario Pierry
Brasil Plural Eduardo Nishio
BTG Pactual Eduardo Rosman
Citigroup Jorg Friedman
CSFB Marcelo Telles
Deutsche Bank Tito Labarta
Goldman Sachs Carlos Macedo
HSBC Carlos Gomez Lopez
Itaú Unibanco Thiago B. Batista
JP Morgan Domingos Falavina
Morgan Stanley Jorge Kuri
Santander Henrique Navarro
UBS Philip Finch

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